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SafeAssign™ is a plagiarism prevention service integrated into Blackboard.  This service helps educators prevent plagiarism by detecting unoriginal content in student papers. In addition to acting as a plagiarism deterrent, it also has features designed to aid in educating students about plagiarism and importance of proper attribution of any borrowed content.  Although it is a new Blackboard service, it is based on a mature and proven technology that Blackboard acquired from Sciworth Inc. (MyDropBox) and enhanced to offer even better stability, performance, and integration with other Blackboard products.

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How Does it Work?

  1. SafeAssign can be used in two ways. Instructors can set up SafeAssignments in their Blackboard courses and let students submit papers to these assignments, in a way very similar to the existing Assignment Manager tool. As students submit papers, they are checked against SafeAssign's comprehensive databases of source material. The papers will then be delivered to instructors through Blackboard with the originality reports (results of the matching process) attached to them.
  2. Instructors may upload papers directly with the Direct Submit feature, without student involvement.

Matching Process

SafeAssign checks all submitted papers against the following databases:

  • Internet - comprehensive index of documents available for public access on the Internet
  • ProQuest ABI/Inform database with over 1,100 publication titles and about 2.6 million articles from '90s to present time, updated weekly (exclusive access)
  • Institutional document archives containing all papers submitted to SafeAssign by users in their respective institutions
  • Global Reference Database containing papers that were volunteered by students from Blackboard client institutions to help prevent cross-institutional plagiarism.

SafeAssign Originality Report

SafeAssign generates an Originality Report with the results of the Matching process.

  • Sample Report  (

How does SafeAssign compare to other plagiarism services?

SafeAssign is a powerful, flexible, and effective plagiarism prevention algorithm which is comparable to many other products.  Its advantages include:

  • Seamless integration within Blackboard (no need to go to another site with a different username and password)
  • Learning System Opt-in Global Reference Database puts the student in control of their work
  • Comprehensive and interactive Originality Reports support faculty decision-making

Who owns the intellectual property rights for each submitted paper?

Blackboard does not claim any ownership rights on the content submitted to SafeAssign.

How long does it take to generate plagiarism reports?

Reports are not generated instantaneously - it usually takes from several seconds to few minutes to receive a report.

What file formats does SafeAssign support?

SafeAssign supports Word (DOC). Plain text (TXT), Rich text format (RTF), PDF, and HTML formats. We anticipate supporting Office 2007 file format in the future.

What is the Global Reference Database?

Blackboard's Global Reference Database is a separate database where students voluntarily donate copies of their papers to help prevent plagiarism. It is separated from each institution's internal database, where all papers are stored by each corresponding institution, and students are free to select the option to check their papers without submitting them to the Global Reference Database.  Blackboard does not claim ownership of the content, they are only authorized to store extra copies of student papers that were volunteered and use them for plagiarism prevention purposes.

Can a student decide to remove a paper from the Global Reference Database?

No, students submit their papers to the database voluntarily and agree not to remove papers in the future.

Are students forced to submit papers to the Global Reference Database?

No, all papers are submitted to the Global Reference Database voluntarily, and students are free to choose not to submit their papers to this database. Instructors can still use the service effectively, even when students choose not to submit their papers to the Global Reference Database.

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