Rutgers-Newark Blackboard Information

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Office of Academic

System Maintenance:    Friday between 9am and 12:30pm

System Backups:     Every morning at 3:30am

For All Students using Blackboard

If you have registered for a course that should be available on Blackboard, yet do not see it when you log in, please let your professor know to make it available. All Blackboard courses are, by default, unavailable to students and have to be made available by each individual professor

For All Faculty using Blackboard

If you need instructions on how to make your course available to students, please review the Faculty Tutorials or email for instructions.

Blackboard Upgrade:

Newark Computing Services and the Office of Academic Technology have been busy with an upgrade from Blackboard Version 9.2 SP5 to SP8.  Please be sure to review the Blackboard 9 Information and Faculty Tutorials or register for a Faculty/Staff Blackboard Workshop.